ADD Informática began to develop ResiPlus® in 1997 to meet the administrative management needs of a number of care homes.

From 1999, managers, directors and direct service providers began to consider technology as a perfectly viable option for the comprehensive management of their centres. This is when ADD Informática incorporated health and social care management aspects into ResiPlus®.

Between then and 2007, 300 public and private care homes in Spain have incorporated ResiPlus® into the management of their centres and an agreement was signed with the LARES Federation.

This number had risen to over 750 by 2008 and the company launched a successful internationalisation process by approaching care homes in Portugal, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

In 2021 we had 1940 clients, employ over 50 professionals and also operate in Colombia, Poland, France and the United Kingdom, maintaining exponential growth and international expansion.

Furthermore, and fully in line with our commitment to R&D, we collaborate with the Polytechnic University of Valencia to achieve our main goal of discovering and applying the latest technologies. In this regard, and always with a focus on streamlining the daily work of users, we were the first Spanish company in this sector to develop versions of ResiPlus® for smartphones and touchscreen devices.

Our commitment, effort, specialisation and clear focus on our clients/users not only position us as leaders in our sector but also ensure we provide benchmark technology solutions.