Gerontology and Health Care Management

ADD Informática is pleased to invite you on Wednesday, March 16th to participate in a special morning, to take part in a day of Gerontology and Health Care Management in the new Care Home “Ledor Vador” (Argentina).

The audience are nursing homes and centers as yours that want to achieve their objectives and their businesses goals thanks to technology companies that grow along with the customer in a quick and professional way. We will share strategies, visions and experiences in an relaxing atmosphere, to have an original and positive experience.


[list] [list_item icon=»ss-right»][highlight]09:00 / 09:30[/highlight] Registration, breakfast and networking.[/list_item]  
[list_item icon=»ss-right»][highlight]09:30 / 09:50[/highlight] The person centred care.
Lic. Julieta Arroyo – Argentina.[/list_item]  
[list_item icon=»ss-right»][highlight]09:50 / 11:00[/highlight] Technology at the service of the centers.
Benefits of networking: Hernán Schuster, Gerontology network – Argentina.
Software: Silvana Orio, Add informática – Spain.
Domotics: Roberto Tortorella, Neat group – Spain.[/list_item]  
[list_item icon=»ss-right»][highlight]11:00 / 11:15[/highlight] Coffe break.
[list_item icon=»ss-right»][highlight]11:15 / 11:45[/highlight] Gerontology.
Dr. José Ricardo Jauregui, President of SAGG Argentinian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics – Argentina.
[list_item icon=»ss-right»][highlight]11:45 / 12:15[/highlight] Residences in Chile, committed to a comprehensive service.
Darinka Aguirre – Social worker specialized in gerontology – Director Executive of Senama – Chile.
[list_item icon=»ss-right»][highlight]12:15 / 12:45[/highlight] Questions, exchange of ideas. Conclusions.
[list_item icon=»ss-right»][highlight]12:45 / 13:00[/highlight] Closing the event and raffle.
Among those attending the Congress we will raffle a Samsung Tab 4 as well as other devices.[/list_item]
[list_item icon=»ss-right»][highlight]13:00 / 13:30[/highlight] Guided tour of Hogar Ledor Vador[/list_item] [/list]  
NNew Care Home “Ledor Vador”
C/Guevara 447 (1427) Chacarita – Buenos Aires.

Remember, the event is free and places are limited.

We are willing to see in Buenos Aires.

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