ADD Informatica signs a collaboration agreement with CHECK THE MEDS TECHNOLOGY to link both applications

ADD Informatica has signed a collaboration agreement with CheckTheMeds Technology to link our Care Home Management Software ResiPlus® with CheckTheMeds web application software.

With the link of both applications, ResiPlus® empowers the management of residents, since enables alerts detection of drug allergies or detection of interactions and offers a “Global review of the medication». The «Global review of the medication» of CheckTheMeds is capable of detect interactions among three drugs. As Carlos Valilla points, «if proceeds, this tool can highlight the interaction according to the current clinic, to the doses of involved drugs, to the degree of renal failure, etc.».

In addition, thanks to this collaboration, ADD Informatica and CheckTheMeds Technology creates a new scenario where ResiPlus software joins the technology offered by CheckTheMeds, providing medicine prescribers with a framework that will allow them to work more efficiently in the modification or introduction of treatments.

This collaboration makes this great feature since the doctor uses ResiPlus® to prescribe a drug and just pressing a button, ResiPlus® links to CheckTheMeds. Then ResiPlus® sends the necessary data to CheckTheMeds without the need to be introduced again. From this moment, CheckTheMeds will respond instantly after having evaluated the patient with the new changes, in case it is required to modify the dose or look for alternatives (even from other drugs). In this way we avoid any problem related to the drug and therefore with the treatment of the patient. This is especially useful in poly medicated patients and, in general, makes easier the daily work of professionals in order to optimize the use of drugs.

CheckTheMeds Technology is a company placed in El Ejido (Almería), and develops software since 1998. The company has specialized in the development of Software that makes easier and streamlines health care professionals their daily work. In addition to CheckTheMeds, in order to perform the “Global review of the medication», this team of engineers has developed DiagnosMD, which is an innovative software in the field of internal medicine that aims to aid in the diagnosis of rare diseases. For the development of the both programs, CheckTheMeds has an extensive team of health and university consultants in both sectors from the whole country.
It the following link, you can watch how both tools work.

Certainly, with this collaboration ResiPlus® has a new tool that allows your Care Home to provide customers and residents a high quality service.