Cultivate your patience and save money with Windows 10

Last days for free upgrade. Grab it!

Humans are creatures of habits. That is why, we find difficult to adapt ourselves to changes, especially in terms of technology when we use them on a daily basis.


From time to time, we need to update our tools since developers like to introduce a new interface or a new feature. So panic, frustration, anger and blasphemies, are common feelings in these cases.

Everything is changed, nothing is like what we knew, we do not like the change, we do not know where everything is, and this stirs us. Then they tell us that new changes will improve a lot our use of the system, but frankly we think: «why have not been quiet these programmers?. Who know them of our daily work? I felt comfortable with the other version and I did not ask for this!!!!!!!!! «.

But now, as I guess you were afraid of after this prologue, it is when I suggest you to update your operating system. I will provide you with 3 reasons. One is more emotional, the other one is strictly technical, and finally, an economic one.

The emotional one is about improving your patience. There is nothing better than changing your operating system on a voluntary basis and as a process of inner growth.

The second reason, the technique, can be found at the following link: where you will have all the benefits of the system. In this section I allow a personal note. The new update is not as horrible as I imagined, and it improves the previous one. Despite the fact I am not very patient, the experience was rewarding.

And the last reason, as I said, is the economic one. Upgrading to Windows 10 will be free until next July 29. Sooner or later, indirectly or directly in any way we will be «forced» to use Windows 10, otherwise we will have compatibility problems with internet or other programs and / or applications.

So, Why don’t give an opportunity to patience?