The origins of our software

At ADD Informática we are engaged in the development of software specifically for the long-term care sector. The company was incorporated in 1997 with one clear objective: to provide care homes, day care homes, disability care homes and occupational centres in the sector with a tool to enable the comprehensive management of these centres in a flexible, effective and simple manner: ResiPlus®

Since the outset, we have been fully focused on developing software while constantly listening and responding to the needs, suggestions and contributions expressed by the present and future users. To that end, we have invested in a team that is responsible for maintaining fluid communication with users of the programme via a platform on which users can comment on suggestions, potential improvements or new requirements as they arise. In turn, and due to significant R&D investment, our IT developers ensure they are implemented quickly and in a usable manner on as many supports as necessary (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones).

This means that the updates produced for the software (at no additional cost) are developed according to actual needs and requirements expressed by users. ResiPlus® is therefore a tool that fully suits and adapts to their day-to-day work. Furthermore, considering that users themselves play an active role in the evolution of ResiPlus® , they feel entirely confident that it will not only meet their current needs but that it will also meet their future needs.

Another characteristic of this software is the enormously flexible manner in which it offers various configurations depending on the specific needs of the centre where it will be used, as well as various licensing options.

All this, together with our commitment to the sector, makes us the provider of the benchmark technology solution.

ResiPlus® Care Home Software is the tool that allows to accomplish different management tasks in a Care Home in an easy and efficient way increasing productivity of its different departments.


With ResiPlus® Day Care Home managing transport routes, planning tasks and controlling users´ schedule – these are just some of daily activities of a day care center. ResiPlus® Day Care Center provides solutions to all of them and more administrative tasks, so that the staff can devote more time to the residents.


ResiPlus® Disability Center. The special attention required by the users of a Disability Center means that professionals have to have the best management tool for their day to day, with ResiPlus® Centers Disabled have the guarantee of a tool that allows them to record, control and communicate all the events of both the user and the residence.


ResiPlus® Occupational Centre . Special needs of each person require different daily task schedule. ResiPlus® Occupational Center helps professionals in different daily activities in that kind of center, whether of organizational, administrative or health care nature.


ResiPlus® Sheltered Housing is the perfect ally for those responsible for this type of establishment to achieve optimal organization and control and thus achieve optimal coexistence among residents.

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